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$260,000 in Scholarships and Awards in 2014-2015

Presentation made to the North Orange County Community College District Board of Trustees at their meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2014 by Foundation Executive Director Chuck Allen

"Our private foundation has just completed a very successful Scholarship Award season which is our 54th consecutive year of awarding scholarships, grants and loans to Fullerton College students. 

In total, the Foundation awarded over $260,000 in scholarships and awards to over 325 students including high school graduates, School of Continuing Education recipients, continuing and graduating/transferring Fullerton College students, and for the first time, we awarded $16,000 to 23 students enrolled in Career and Technical Education programs. 

These awards include approximately $150,000 in Foundation funds with the remaining funds coming from local corporations and private foundations including Southern California Edison, Southern California Gas Co., The Boeing Corporation, the Wilson Phelps Foundation, the Bernard Osher Foundation, The Fullerton Kiwanis Foundation and the Waltmar Foundation at Chapman University. 

The Foundation utilizes AcademicWorks, which is a sophisticated online scholarship system, to manage the entire scholarship process.   The ultimate goal is for a student to apply just once and be considered for all available Foundation scholarships. 

This year 535 students completed and submitted their scholarship application.  With this system the students can upload and/or request electronic reference letters, transcripts, resumes and any additional information that they feel is relevant. The submitted applications are then electronically matched with all scholarships that they potentially qualify for. 

The scholarship applications are then reviewed and scored online by individual committees including the Foundation’s scholarship committee as well as over 15 faculty and staff committees.  This year approximately 60 faculty and staff members assisted us in the review and award process. 

Lastly, the committees met to award the scholarships to the most qualified student applicants. 

We’re very proud of the efficiency and fairness of our application and award process and to the campus-wide involvement of the Fullerton College Faculty and staff.   We greatly appreciate the support that we receive from the College and from Dr. Vurdien."




On Sept. 29, 2012 the Fullerton College Foundation and Fullerton College celebrated the fifty-third anniversary of the Foundation with the dedication of two new Donor Recognition Walls located in the foyer of the college’s Library and Learning Center along with a tribute to former college president Dr. H. Lynn Sheller. The Foundation was honored to have Paula Sheller Adams and her husband Parks in attendance at the event.  Paula Sheller Adams is the daughter of Dr. H Lynn Sheller, President of Fullerton College from 1950 until his retirement in 1969.   Dr. Sheller was also the founder of the Fullerton College Foundation in 1959. 

For fifty-three years, the Fullerton College Foundation has been serving the needs of Fullerton College Students. During this time, approximately 11,500 Fullerton College students were awarded more than $3.5 million in scholarships, loans and emergency grants.  This past May, 325 students received Foundation scholarships. The two recognition walls are dedicated to the donors who have made it possible for these students to succeed in their educational goals.  Chuck Allen, Executive Director of the Foundation said that “without the generous support of our local community donors we wouldn’t be able to do the work that we do in helping students stay in school and achieve their educational goals.”  Dr. Rajen Vurdien, President of Fullerton College said that “partnerships between the Fullerton College Foundation and its donors ensure that we continue to offer our students a first-rate and well-rounded educational experience.”  Fullerton College is one of the oldest California Community Colleges and the top three of transfer institutions in the state.  It is also one of the largest providers of workplace training in Orange County. 

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The donors and directors of the Foundation are very proud of the Foundation's accomplishments and look forward to continuing Dr. Sheller's legacy of service to the students of Fullerton College for many more years.